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Jin Tongda & HC network plaque was awarded the grand opening ceremony of the strategic cooperation


March 21, 2016, Jin Tongda & HC Network 2016 annual strategic partner licensing ceremony in Guangzhou City, the Mastery Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Headquarters was held. Mr. Yuan Wenxing, Deputy General Manager of HC Auto Industry Electronic Commerce Company, Mr. Jane Zikun, the Chairman of Guangzhou Jinanda Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Xiaoguang, the Chief Operating Officer of Guangzhou Golden Tongda Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the Manager of Auto Parts Network Mr. Wei attended and conducted in-depth communication. Mr. Yuan Wenxing, Vice President of HC Auto Parts Network formally presented the "2016 HC Strategic Partnership" plaque to Mr.Jian Zikun, the chairman of the strategic cooperation enterprise "Guangzhou Golden Access Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd.", and made the brand building, automobile aftermarket development The situation, strengthen the network to promote and optimize the e-commerce channels to reach a comprehensive consensus. Plaque on behalf of the gold accessible and HC network of strategic cooperation is the link of friendship, representing a harmony and understanding, a sense of honor and disgrace with the determination!    



HC auto industry e-commerce company vice president Yuan Wenxing said: HC auto parts network is a sub-site HC network to print media and network media as the carrier for the auto parts industry to build information platform to lead China's auto parts industry healthy and rapid development . Today, HC auto parts network through books, networks, exhibitions, activities and other diversified way to help companies expand the market and brand building and effective. Jin Tongda auto parts as a vulnerability of benchmarking enterprises, filter brands, and HC network has been hand in hand, to whet the front line, gold and HC to start again in 2016 a comprehensive brand promotion strategic cooperation, HC and gold Tongda re-cooperation Force will sublimate.

    Guangzhou Jin Tongda Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., chairman of Mr. Jane Zikun said: Through years of precipitation in the market and efforts in recent years, the achievements of gold accessible for all to see, the industry on the gold mastery of this enterprise and brand more and more Well known. As the automotive industry authoritative media and strategic partners, hope HC network continue to spare no effort to support the gold accessible, for gold in the brand building and news and other aspects of support. Finally pointed out: "HC network will continue to assist the development of gold access to auto parts, as the industry's outstanding channel brands, marketing services brand, end consumer favorite brands and other strategic objectives and efforts to make gold more and more solid pace of growth."

    "In the current reality of the brutal, based on the noble ideal, comprehensive plan; step by step in action, think of the lofty future, down-to-earth steady progress in order to be successful .20 years, we do not discount off Rao, not abandoned, dedicated to filter foreign trade on the market hard work, and finally Xiucheng Zhengguo into a small giant - the size of the first four into the country, Germany became a global brand of the only strategic partner. Two-legged walking, precision farming domestic and foreign filter two markets, and in the domestic filter market development in the racking.



Mr. Jane Zikun (left) and Mr. YUEN Wen-sung (right)


Xiong Wei (left) Liu Xiaoguang (middle) Yuan Wenxing (right) photo


In 2016, the Mastery will work together with the HC network for the more accessible gold dealers in the fierce competition in the market escort, so that business is more simple!

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